StudyBuddy launches version 1.01!
2 part application for managing photos of notes.

Import, tag and view images. Blueooth to android phone. Link notes too!

StudyBuddy 1.01
 -Fixed windows open/save dialogs.
 -Enabled Bluetooth for windows 64bit. (Before it needed 32bit Java VM)
 -Option to clear thumbnail cache.
 -Improved help/about menus, option to visit website and download help pdf,or to check for updates.
 -Partially fixed link/note position issues on rotated images, now only wrong when rotated and zoomed in.
 -Fixed minor issue with thumbnail size.
 -Rotations/Flips/mirrors are saved in the database. A bit slow in tests when using over 500 images.

StudyBuddy 1.00
 -First release!